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121018-0067Come along and listen to a wide range of styles from Traditional Folk to Country, from Folk Rock to R&B, from Blues to Jazz. Most Thursdays are Singers Nights, with performers doing between two and four songs each. All styles and abilities are welcome.

There are floor spots available practically every week – even on Guest Nights when our seasoned regulars provide the support.
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Performing at the Club

141106-2893Acoustics at the venue are very good and our audiences are respectful and appreciative. It is perfectly possible to perform “unplugged”, reinforced with voice and instrument mics in order that the performances may be enjoyed by everyone in the audience at a comfortable volume.

Our 12 channel PA has foldback monitor, DI boxes and a backline bass amplifier.
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Latest news, reviews and pictures…

Wales vs England vs AllStyles


Matt and Alex Fairclough’s football anthem was “Skinny Love”

Wales were understandably despondent about losing to England in Thursday’s group stage match, but those ardent fans who’d watched it unfold during the afternoon on the (multiple) big screens at The Feathers were having none of it.

They displayed dogged determination to win their battle against sobriety. 🙂  And as our Singers’ Night kick-off time approached, the massed choir down the corridor sounded as if their next competition was going to be a sing-off between us and them!

Eight o’clock on the dot, however, it all settled down (in relative terms) as they proceeded to watch the televised evening match, whilst we had all the action live in the function room. Our acoustic screen was a godsend and we only really had to call ‘foul’ once when someone staggered through and shouted “Can anybody do Bryan Adams?”

Joking aside… It would be appropriate to say, at this point, that we are eternally grateful to the management and staff at The Feathers who do an absolutely sterling job of looking after us on our Thursday evenings, providing us with the use of their fabulous function room, whilst at the same time being the town’s foremost venue for sports fans with no fewer than five huge screens – including two in the covered courtyard area.

Penni Neale

Tonight’s team
There were twelve in our team. Plus me – but I was also the referee, so I wasn’t about to blow the whistle about the extra man 😉 We also had four on the subs bench who got to play as part of the various duos.

Seventeen performers in all and not far off double that number in total. Not bad for a night when the rest of the country were watching footy!

The Highlights
Centre forward Joe Lyon kicked off with a song that reflected what the Wales fans were doing in the covered area outside – “Crying in the Rain”.  John Ryder tackled Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of Song” and Ros followed through with  “Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good” (Herman’s Hermits).


Peter Leslie

Jim went off down the wing with a lively polka on his faithful fiddle, Tom Degney dribbled his way into the penalty area with a medley that included “Doctor Jazz” and Lynda scored with the Claire Lynch song “God Spoke His Name”.

Then I took possession and tackled Joe Cocker, before passing the ball to Glyn who took us up to half time with “The Willow Tree” and “The Ballymore Fiddler”.

The second half began with Richard playing the “City of New Orleans”, flanked by Tom who did a slide tackle on his dobro. And a little Birdy told me that Alex and Matt burst into song with a tale of “Skinny Love”.


Mike Thomas and Steve Griffiths

Next we had two new signings, transferred on loan from the Conwy club. Mike Thomas and Steve Griffiths recalled that the last time they played at Ruthin was in 1963, with their band ‘Question’ at a Saturday night dance in the Town Hall. Strange to think that back then my own band ‘The Executioners’ very likely played alongside them a time or two. Gosh how time flies!

Tim Eastwood

Mike and Steve concluded their trip down memory lane with a fine rendition of Gerry Marsden’s “Don’t Let The Sun Catch Me Crying”.

After an exquisite performance of JT’s “You’ve Got A Friend”, Peter Lesley looked out of the window and sang his own composition “Relentless Rain”.

Mike Whitaker also sang two of his own songs including “Strong Cup of Coffee”. Then Tim gave his brand new bagpipes their first outing with Bothy Band’s foot tapping jig: “Old Hag, You Have Killed Me”.

It was Penni who took us up to the whistle. She did a hat-trick of great numbers that included “Desperado” and “Stairway to Heaven”.

There was just a few minutes of extra time, so we squeezed one more song each out of Mike Whitaker, Peter Leslie, the Mike/Steve duo, and Joe who sent us home down “The Long and Winding Road” in recognition of Paul McCartney turning 74 this weekend.

Same again next week folks. Plus we are joined by young Ben Robertson, a modern folk singer and accomplished guitarist, the maturity of whose playing belies his years.
It’ll be another good one!


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Wales were understandably despondent about losing to England in Thursday’s group stage match, but those ardent fans who’d watched it unfold during the afternoon on the (multiple) big screens at The Feathers were having none of it.

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Ruthin Folk Club, or Ruthin All Styles Music Club as it is now known, meets every Thursday evening at The Feathers Inn, Well Street, Ruthin. Providing some of the best acoustic live music in Denbighshire.  Most nights are ‘Singers Nights’ based upon an open mic or plug in and play format.  Firmly established on the North Wales Folk Club Scene, we welcome visiting musicians, with many coming from all over Denbighshire, Flintshire and Gwynedd and the rest of North Wales, as well as from over the border in Cheshire and the Wirral. All tastes in music are catered for as well as all abilities, so do come along and enjoy the fun.

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