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121018-0067Come along and listen to a wide range of styles from Traditional Folk to Country, from Folk Rock to R&B, from Blues to Jazz. Most Thursdays are Singers Nights, with performers doing between two and four songs each. All styles and abilities are welcome.

There are floor spots available practically every week – even on Guest Nights when our seasoned regulars provide the support.
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Performing at the Club

141106-2893Acoustics at the venue are very good and our audiences are respectful and appreciative. It is perfectly possible to perform “unplugged”, reinforced with voice and instrument mics in order that the performances may be enjoyed by everyone in the audience at a comfortable volume.

Our 12 channel PA has foldback monitor, DI boxes and a backline bass amplifier.
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Alf and his brother

James MacGregor

James MacGregor

My short term memory seems to be getting worse. And I’ll tell you something else… My short term memory’s getting worse. 😉

I looked at my running order list and went down the front to introduce the final two acts of the evening, Wrexham brothers James and Dan MacGregor. My mind went blank. As Dan was walking toward the stage I was saying “It’s… It’s… erm… help me out here…” Inevitably, someone shouted out “Alf”.

Their music, however, was highly memorable. James had visited us a few weeks earlier and wowed us with his songwriting, voice and guitar playing.  As Dan began his set, any doubts I might have had about there being two equally talented  musicians in the one family, were very quickly dismissed.

Dan MacGregor

Dan MacGregor

Dan’s set included two Damian Rice songs, “I Remember it Well” and “Delicate”,  and a really lovely cover of the Kate Bush classic “Running Up The Hill”, arranged and adapted for acoustic guitar in a way that made it his own.

Having just had a ‘set-up’ done by local luthier Harry Miller, James was keen to give his brand new guitar its first outing in public. The strings were finger-picked to perfection as he performed two of his own songs, “A Bird of the Seasons” and “Fool For You” and Ryan Adams’ “Karina”.  As with his brother’s, each of James’s songs were met with ‘pin-drop’ silence from the attentive audience, followed by rapturous applause.

I think the pretty obvious consensus was that “Alf and his brother” are welcome to make a return visit any time they fancy. And I promise to remember their names next time.

No other ‘new faces’ this week but there were a couple we’d missed seeing for a while due to hols and/or work commitments. Glyn, who had been off sunning herself in warmer climes, teased us with the threat of “Na Na Nooten Nya Nya” but instead, did an a cappella “The Lark Sang Melodious” – and she did so beautifully.

Mark Thatcher

Mark Thatcher

Someone needs to have a word with Mark Thatcher’s boss to put an end to his early start on Friday mornings,  so we can see him at the club more often. Tonight Mark played us a fine instrumental, an as yet untitled work in progress, followed by the Steely Dan song “Rikki Don’t Lose that Number”.

“First Taste of Texas” was one of Lynda Degney’s contributions with Tom at her side on guitar. When she returned to her seat, Tom stayed out and sang “Ill Be There”.

We had Ghost Riders” from Bob Neale, “Bees Wing” from John Ryder, “Giving Up On You” from Ros, and “Blind Willie McGee” from little old me.

Mike Whittaker did two of his lovely self-penned songs. I always forget to ask him what the titles are but I’m guessing one was called “Every Time I’m Singing With You”. Then Penni Neale gave us something of a weather forecast, for as soon as “Summertime” was over she launched into “Dirty Rain”.

Tom, Dick and Harry – plus John Bass – were in fine form as usual and their offering included, amongst others, “Gone to Shiloh”, “Mess of the Blues”, “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” and “Sea of Heartache.

Apart from one microphone lead giving up the ghost, the sound was good and evening relatively gremlin-free. Nice to be all ship-shape and ready for next week’s Elfin Bow Showcase.

See you all then. It’s going to be a good one…

More Lost and Found…

Anybody lost a Capo? I’ll bring it to club next Thursday, but if it’s yours and you need it before then, give me a shout on 07760 764441

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Ruthin Folk Club, or Ruthin All Styles Music Club as it is now known, meets every Thursday evening at The Feathers Inn, Well Street, Ruthin. Providing some of the best acoustic live music in Denbighshire.  Most nights are ‘Singers Nights’ based upon an open mic or plug in and play format.  Firmly established on the North Wales Folk Club Scene, we welcome visiting musicians, with many coming from all over Denbighshire, Flintshire and Gwynedd and the rest of North Wales, as well as from over the border in Cheshire and the Wirral. All tastes in music are catered for as well as all abilities, so do come along and enjoy the fun.

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