Thirteen musicians were the recipe for another great evening of music at the Feathers.

There were several collaborations. Cath accompanied Pete, who in turn accompanied Cath.

Penni was kept busy accompanying, in turn, Enid, Neil Martin and Robin Spreckly. And as always, Tom was on hand to accompany Richard, Lynda of course, and anyone else who might welcome the sound of his banjo, mandolin or dobro.

The full line-up for the evening was: Pete Kirkham, Dave Ryder, Penni Neale, Enid Toft, Lynda and Tom Degney, Jim Cole, Chris Birchall, Cath Bryan, Robin Spreckley, Joe Lyon, Richard Ruthin, Neil Martin.

Click the ► below to hear the lovely song written by Cath Bryan which got its first public airing.

Don’t forget, Next Thursday (Oct 10th) we have a concert by Anthony John Clarke. The evening will start at the slightly earlier time of 7.30 pm with a round of floor spots. Just £4 on the door (regulars get their usual concession)