John Williams

Fifteen class acts, nineteen performers, and a room-full enjoying every minute.

Of our regulars, we had a splendid mix of country, roots and R&B from Tom & Lynda, Di & Pete, Richard Davies and Robin the Busker.

We had a generous helping of the blues from Brian Peters, a scintillation of The Searchers from Joe Lyon, and from Neil & Enid came forth an Annie Lennox classic and a Bob Dylan translated into Welsh.

Peter Leslie

Peter Lesley brought us one of his own songs “Sea of Clouds, and Keiran Halpin’s “I Will Remember Love”.

But that’s not all Peter brought to the evening. He introduced two new faces to the club: The first was fellow Wrexhamite Terry Allen who delivered a smashing set that included a song written by he and his brother called The Grip is Strong.

And all the way from Northwich, young Chris Tavener, whose highly entertaining set included two of his own songs. The first was “End of the World” followed by, what might have seemed like the end of the world in his home town, “Crisis in Northwich”, a humorous ditty that brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Terry Allen

Yet another new face this week was that of young Tom who has just got together with Harri Owen and Oli Bradley-Hughes to form a new band. We first saw Harri a few months ago when he turned up with a repertoire of just two songs and a great voice.

He’s been to the club several times since and we’ve seen him go from strength to strength. He started out as a lone ranger, then he was joined by Oli on bass, and now with the addition of Tom they have become The Clwydian Rangers. Watch this space.

Making her second appearance at Ruthin AllStyles was the delectable Sweeny. Last week she took us all by surprise with her enchanting voice and fluent style. This week’s performance proved it was no fluke, opening with “The Sound Of White” following up with “Secret”, both Missy Higgins songs. We look forward to hearing a lot more from this talented, unassuming young performer in the future.

Chris Tavener

It was one of those nights when two songs each never seems enough, yet the clock ticks ever more loudly as 11.00pm approaches.

On the other hand, each and every one of us had enjoyed being part of such a ‘stand-out’ fabulous evening of music. “One of the best” was a phrase I heard uttered more than once as everyone gathered themselves at closing time.

But not before we had heard from the wonderful wizard of The Wirral, John Williams. Earlier in the evening, John had entertained us with the Richard Shindell song “Last Fare of the Day”, accompanying himself on that fabulous sounding cello mandolin.

John Williams sporting the goggles he won in the raffle

For the finale, John gave us the Stereophonics’ song “Dakota” before taking us right up to closing time with, appropriately enough, the Lyle Lovett song  “Closing Time”. And testament to what a good sport he is, he did so wearing the pink swimming goggles he’d won as the booby prize in the raffle. 🙂

I can’t express what a privilege it is to introduce such talented musicians week after week in the lovely friendly atmosphere that you all help to create in the back room of The Feathers.

Thank you all for helping to keep live music alive.

Next week… Tickets only
The Intimate Concert by Edwina Hayes is now completely SOLD OUT. We are up to our capacity and I’m afraid there will be no tickets available on the door.