A look back at our Guest and Showcase Nights

We are lucky to have had some top class acts performing at the club over the years.  And a lot more lined up for the coming year.

Here are just a few of the more recent ones…

The Gods were smiling on us

Well we’ve had some great club nights in the twenty weeks since moving to The Feathers, but this one tipped the scales!

It saw our featured act, The Hedge Gods, playing to an enthusiastically appreciative full house, along […]

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Hanks Company Band

Whilst only 66.1% of the population turned out to vote last night, we had a massive turn-out at the club. There weren’t enough empty seats left to accommodate even the LibDems diminished quota of MPs!

And what a […]

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Rag Mama Rag rock The Feathers

The stage was set with an impressive array of instruments which included a Henderson Acoustic Guitar, National & Dobro Resonator Bottleneck Guitars, Weissenborn Acoustic Lap Steel and a Ukulele.  There was also a quite unique […]

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Ken Nicol

Making his fourth or even fifth visit (no one could remember for sure) to Ruthin All Styles Music Club, guitar maestro Ken Nicol was a big hit with the audience this week.

It was certainly his second […]

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Gary Potter

Although short on numbers, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by those who did attend this week’s “Evening with Gary Potter”.

Sadly, Raven had to cancel at short notice due to circumstances beyond their control, so John Ryder […]

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Welcomme, Finnan and Crimes

Following on with the new format, we had another fabulous evening with no fewer the nine regulars playing for the first half of the evening followed by an hour long showcase performance by the […]

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Gary Edward Jones

Gary Edward Jones is a talented and accomplished singer/songwriter from Liverpool who, since a chance meeting  with Skeet Williams at a festival last year, and hooking up with freelance bass player Oscar South, has been […]

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Eee ‘ello, it’s Phil Bates!

Little did I know back in 1978 as I sat next to Whispering Bob Harris in Wembley at the start of ELO’s spectacular “Spaceship” world tour, that the lead singer of their support band Trickster would end up being a frequent visitor to our […]

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Anthony John Clarke

What a terrific evening we had last Thursday, in the hands of singer/songwriter Anthony John Clarke. And as if his melodic, gentle vocals and his impeccable guitar style was not enough, Anthony’s cheeky Irish […]

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Blue Mosquitos

The Blue Mosquitoes are an a vibrant energetic young band from Tasmania with a growing reputation in both the Australian and British music scene and it is plain to see they are going to have […]

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They raised Merry Hell

They came. They braved the bad weather  –  and they raised Merry Hell!

It was folk rock at its very best.  This Lancashire based band made a welcome return visit last night to the Ruthin AllStyles […]

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Phil Bates rocks at the Cross Keys

One of the songs sung at Ruthin Allstyles this week was “Doesn’t get any better than this” …and d’you know, it really doesn’t!
Phil Bates gave us an evening’s entertainment as good as you would […]

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