John Williams

There is always some speculation at the start of the evening. Will it be busy or will it be a quiet night? I’m half expecting Joe to run a book and start taking bets, especially when he’s egged on by his partner in crime, Robin the Busker.

Even as the music commenced at about five past eight, it was looking like being around ten or so performers and people were looking though their song lists to decide what they would sing in the second half.

By 8.20pm all that had changed and we ended up with sixteen performers and nearly double that number in the room.

Part of the appeal of Ruthin AllStyles (and part of the challenge in running it) is not knowing from week to week, just who might turn up – and we are rarely disappointed. Mr John Williams had taken time out this week, from his busy schedule of gigs and festivals and journeyed from Merseyside to entertain us. Similarly, Peter Leslie from Wrexham and Richard & Wendy from Abergele.

Alistair Irving

Making his Ruthin AllStyles debut was another Wrexham singer/songwriter, Alister Irving. He gave us two excellent self-penned songs and I really hope we see him at the club again soon.

A couple of guys we’ve not seen much of since the Clwydian Rangers disbanded last year, were Oli Bradley-Hughes, and Harri Owen. And so it was great to welcome them back, not as a band, just a duo, making music and having fun.

And then, of course, there was our ever-growing band of talented regulars who bring such an eclectic mix of superb music week after week. Robin Spreckley, Glyn Hudson, Richard Ruthin, Joe Lyon
Chris Birchall, Mike Hastings, Lynda and of course, the hard-working Tom Degney.

Harri and Oli

Having accompanied several performers on his mandolin, dobro and guitar, Tom joined Penni Neale in the finale. First on Gershwin’s “Summertime” and finishing with one of my favourite songs, Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning”, taking us right up to 11.00pm – on the dot.

Something About Next Thursday
So what will this coming Thursday bring? Well, all I can say is that our very own Gary Edward Jones is in the final preparatory stages for the 27-day run of his “Something About Simon” show at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. A little bird tells me he might just pop along to give us a little taste.