Gary Edward Jones

It started off looking like it would be a quiet night but soon busied-up until there were just shy of thirty, which was quite a respectable Singers’ Night tally.

And there was nothing shy about the eleven performers who confidently provided us with a splendid evening of musical merriment.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Gary Edward Jones saunter through the door armed with his Recording King, Dirty 30’s, Dreadnought.

Gary had come along to tease us with a few of the songs he will be performing here during his Intimate Concert in two weeks time (March 7th). We were privileged to enjoy the first public airing of three brand new songs – one so new didn’t yet have a title.

Alan and Linda

Personally, I can’t wait to hear them again on the 7th, along with some of the classics from his 2014 album ‘The Cabinet Maker’ and a helping of some of the Paul Simon covers that feature in his hit show ‘Something About Simon’.

Tickets are selling fast for the concert so click here to grab yours now at the massively subsidised price of £8.

Regular members get the usual concession and can pick up their tickets this coming Thursday at the club.

Glyn Hudson and Bob Neale

Speaking of our regulars, the evening brought some fine solo performances from Joe, Richard, Chris and Penni, as well as a few collaborations, namely Tom & Lynda Degney; Glyn Hudson & Bob Neale; and Alan Thompson and his sister Linda.

When it came to finale time, Gary Edward Jones treated us to a couple of Paul Simon classics, “Still Crazy After All These Years” and “Kathy’s Song”.