Whilst we’ve all been lapping up the hottest summer for years, it was quite refreshing to see temperatures drop a little last week.

However, the welcome breeze that greeted us at The Feathers on Thursday was of the musical, rather than the meteorological variety.

Breeze were originally meant to be part of our Ruthin Festival Week event, last month, but unfortunately had to pull out due to illness. So it was with great pleasure we were able to invite the band back to perform a little Showcase Spot.

They are a new band based upon old traditions, in as much as Llinos Finnie and John Rowell (John Bass) performed together in the band “Mantra” some twenty years ago, during the formative days of the then Ruthin Folk Club.

Neil Wilkinson

Back then, the third band member was Bryn Roberts, a much loved club regular who sadly lost his battle with cancer some three and a half years ago. Recently, the pair hooked up with AllStyles regular Neil Wilkinson, giving the legacy of Mantra new wind in the form of Breeze.

Neil’s impeccable guitar style is the perfect compliment to John’s beguiling bass playing and Llinos’s lovely vocals as they perform cool covers and tuneful originals.

Their six song set included the Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More”, Sting’s “Fields of Gold”, a lovely instrumental written by Neil entitled Snowflake, and the late Bryn Roberts’ favourite from the Mantra era, “Love Song”, written by Lesley Duncan, which featured some beautiful harmonic backing vocals from John.

Click ► below to listen to Love Song


Floor Spots
Just like the weather, you can never accurately forecast who will be turning up for Floor Spots and in addition to Breeze, there were eleven other acts to warm our hearts in a top class manner with a varied mix of styles and musical genres.

Ron McSweeney

John Bass was kept doubly busy, performing as he does with the Tom, Dick and Harry band.

Harry brought with him a musical pal from Nottingham, in the form of Ron McSweeney, who opened both halves of the evening for us. And Tom Degney, of course, was as busy as ever providing accompaniment when called upon, on mandolin, guitar and dobro.

Tom also rounded off what had been a superb evening of live music, with his ever popular “Dr Jazz” medley.

Roll call:
Tom & Lynda Degney, Rhodri Hampden Jones, Glyn Hudson, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Cath Bryan, Richard and Wendy Eastwood, the Tom, Dick & Harry band (with John Bass), Ron McSweeney, and Breeze featuring Llinos Finnie, Neil Wilkinson and John Rowell.

Fields of Gold

Yesterday Once More