Broadcasting from the bottom step of Ozzy Osbourne’s staircase, this week, we had thirty-nine songs from our club regulars and guests and some mighty fine ones there were too!

There was another hidden camera clip in our reality show “Lockdown with the Eastwoods“, a Ruthin AllStyles debut by Corinne and Foster and we had the mighty Merry Hell in the finale spot with a fabulous new song, written by John Kettle in honour of the heroic NHS workers in the front-line against this horrible Covid-19 virus.

The Wigan and Chester based band recorded their parts in self-isolation but not only that, over 150 fans became the Social Isolation Choir and contributed to the song’s Key Workers’ Chorus. John expertly mixed hundreds of tracks and the band’s violin player, Neil McCartney, got creative editing the video. It is a fabulous song, wonderfully executed.

Next Thursday, who fancies a Beatles theme?

Fast forward to 8.5 minutes for the start of the Iive stream

Our April 16th Virtual Singers' Night. (Fast-forward past the first 8 minutes to get to the start)

Posted by Chris Birchall on Thursday, 16 April 2020

Here is the full playlist.