Tom Degney

It’s strange how some nights consist mainly of solo spots, whereas others, like this Thursday, become a evening of musical collaborations.

As well as accompanying his wife Lynda, the ever present Tom Degney popped up with John Bass to accompany Robin the Busker. Then he and John took their rightful places for the Tom, Dick and Harry Band’s set, together with Harry Robertson and Richard Davies.

Half of the Clwydian Rangers Band were on hand, in the form of Harri Owen and Oli Bradley-Hughes, Harri proving yet again how well that gravelly voice of his is suited to the songs of the likes of Oasis and The Stereophonics.

The Amazing Clouds

Pete & Di have a habit of amazing us with the many different styles and sounds they come up with, combining flute, guitar, and their respective vocals. Now they come with added Dom, who injects percussion and bass into the mix.  The duo-turned-trio were launching this new venture under the name of ‘The Amazing Clouds’. Unfortunately, this clown of an MC didn’t hear properly and introduced them as ‘The Amazing Clowns’. Whoops!

Peter Leslie

There were plenty of solo sets too, courtesy of Peter Leslie, Joe Lyon, Jim Cole and Glyn Hudson, although Glyn did manage to get practically everyone in the room to join in with her catchy a-cappella folk songs.

Another singer who likes to tell a tall tale or two through the medium of contemporary folk, is Mr Geoff Hollis. He was followed by a short spot from Tom who returned to the stage for a solo spot with his newly acquired four-string banjo.

Penni Neale delivered two new (to her) songs with her customary panache, and I threw a couple by Van Morrison into the evening’s mix too.

Neil Martin

New Face
We had the pleasure of  welcoming a new face to the AllStyles line-up, in the form of Neil Martin, who entertained us with some tasty John Denver. We look forward to seeing more of him now he has discovered the delights of Thursday nights at The Feathers.

And what a good night it was. No fewer than forty in the room, exactly half of whom were modern-day performing minstrels.

And then it was time to call time. So we called upon Tom, Dick and Harry, plus John Bass of course, to sing us out with a timely rendition of “Tulsa Time”.

Same place, same time, next week folks.


Earlier in the evening Harry shared this lovely new song he’d written: “Til I Danced With You”.  You can hear this and more of his ‘Songs from Wales’ on Harry’s YouTube channel.