Tom Degney and Richard Davies

This rainy weather… well, it’s just not cricket, is it?

Still, we weren’t going to let a little drizzle – okay, downpour – oh all right then, have it your own way… we weren’t going to let a little deluge stop play.

Ten intrepid musicians turned up at The Feathers. Add to that, the dozen or so audience members and it made for warm and welcoming musical gathering for our second singers’ night of the year.

One person who has a habit of throwing a curveball to catch us unawares and amaze us is Pete Kirkham. This week he did just that at the folk club with a Whitesnake song (written by Michael Price and Dan Walsh) “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city”. Click the ► below to listen:


Robin Spreckley

There were a good number of impromptu collaborations, with messers Davies, Degney, Durno and Spreckley randomly popping up to accompany each other and anyone else who threw out the challenge.

And when it came to the finale spot, Steve Jukes-Hughes had a little surprise for us.

If you remember, last week he introduced his daughter Catryn to the AllStyles stage. Well, it appears there are two songbirds in the Jukes-Hughes household and this week it was the turn of his lovely wife, Helen, to take to the microphone.

And what a fine performance it was – made even more special when we discovered it was the very first time she had sung in front of an audience.

It was a superb way to end a special night.

This week’s roll call: Richard Davies, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Lynda and Tom Degney, Geoff Durno, Robin Spreckley, Pete Kirkham, and Steve and Helen Juckes-Hughes.

Geoff Durno, Richard Davies and Tom Degney