Alan Thompson and Linda Griffiths

“Relentless Rain” and “Dirty Rain” were just two of tonight’s songs that pretty much summed up the sort of summer we’ve been having. Nevertheless, we all turned up at The Feathers with a warm outlook and a sunny disposition for another super Singers’ Night.

Alan Thompson and his sister Linda set the musical wheels spinning with a Ryan Adams song followed by one of Alan’s own songs “Try”.

“Ride On” by Christy Moore was Lynda Degney’s first offering and Tom sang one of his own songs, declaring he was “Just a Rambling Man”.

Richard Eastwood

Did I mention the rain…?

Tonight, Matthew, Richard Eastwood was Don Williams. Peter Leslie, on the other hand, was Neil Young, before singing one of his own songs, dedicated to the summer of 2019, called “Relentless Rain”.

I opened with the “Sound of Silence” and then broke the silence with “All Along the Watch Tower”.

Glyn Hudson sang about “Nancy Spain” and “Our Town”. Mike Hastings took us “Half a World Away”, Oasis style, and Penni Neale gave us a musical weather report with “Dirty Rain”.

Peter Leslie

Neil Martin took us up to the break, and back to 1974, with a wonderful interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s “Who Shall I Say is Calling?”

After the Break

Glasses refreshed and the raffle drawn, we had eleven more songs from the eleven performers. After singing “Copper Kettle”, off Bob Dylan’s 1970 album, Self Portrait, we persuaded Neil to perform an encore of his own songs, “Blue is My Colour of Choice”. It was a lovely way to end what had been a lovely evening of music with covers and original songs in almost equal measure.

Next week – An intimate solo concert with Virginia Kettle. The lovely front Lady from the award-winning folk-rock band Merry Hell, will be singing some of the songs we know and love that she has written for the band, as well as some written especially for her solo appearances.
Just £5 on the door (regular members get their usual concession). There will be floor spots too, so bring your instruments.

Please note the earlier time: Doors 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.