Terry Allen

With Monday’s Equinox, heralding the beginning of Autumn, it meant that Thursday’s Music night was the last one of the Summer and the honour of singing the final song of the season fell to Terry Allen.

The Wrexham musician ended the evening with the great Woody Guthrie song “I Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore”. It is a song that is (sadly) just as relevant today as it was when Guthrie wrote it some sixty years or so ago and Terry has brought it right up to date by adding a few words of his own to reflect the world that we live in today.

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Then and Now
It was good to see Steve Bailey back again. His unaccompanied traditional folk songs echoed back to when he first took an interest in the genre at the age of thirteen, back in the seventies, choosing two Peter Bellamy songs, “Biker Hill” and “Oak, Ash and Thorn”.

Vicki Riley and Luis Riley

Our youngest performer was someone who is just thirteen at the moment. Luis Riley only began learning guitar four months ago and it is great to see not only how well he is progressing but also how confident he is to get up and perform in public.

After Singing “Bad Moon Rising” exactly 50 years on, since the Credence Clearwater Revival version was at number one in the album charts, Luis went on to accompany his mum, Vicki, on the Eagles classic “Hotel California”.

After two songs from each of fourteen performers, our Random Generator drew half a dozen names out of the electronic hat during the remaining half-hour to complete another evening of great live music.

Tonight’s Performers…
Richard Ruthin, Lynda and Tom Degney, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Steve Bailey, Luis Riley, Vicky Riley, Cath Bryan, Alistair Irving, Dave Ryder, Pete Kirkham, Terry Allen, Neil Martin

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