Cath Bryan

Whilst the football supporters were cheering on their respective teams in the main bar, the back room at The Feathers played host to a crowd of avid music fans who were cheering and applauding the fourteen Singers’ Night musicians.

Sturridge and Firmino may well have been the heroes of Liverpool FC, but our own ‘man-of-the-match’ was… erm… well, wasn’t actually a man at all; it was songbird Cath Bryan who scored a big hit as she captivated the AllStyles audience with a lovely extended spot that showcased her sweet soft voice and gentle guitar style.

Cath’s scheduled appearance a couple of months back was snowed off, but tonight’s fixture was well worth waiting for as she covered such classics as “Carrie”, “We are Young”, “I’m Alright”, Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child” and Dylan’s “The Man in a Long Black Coat” as well as a couple of her own compositions. Lovely stuff.

And there was lots more lovely stuff from the rest of the team too. Fourteen in all, played floor spots before and after Cath’s Showcase, and it was inevitable there would be some Beatles numbers in honour of George Martin who’d passed away the previous day, aged 90.

Joe contributed two: “The Long and Winding Road” and “Things We Said Today”, and I did my version of “Eleanor Rigby”.


Raphael Callaghan

It was good to see Raphael Callaghan at the club again and as well as joining Tom, Dick and Harry, he performed a great solo spot featuring “The Wife of Ushers Well” and one of his own songs “Hard To Live With Somebody”.

And then with Tom (Degney), Dick (Richard Davies) and Harry (Robertson), Raphael stepped up to the mic to powerfully and convincingly prove that his harmonica can sound every bit as good as a saxophone in the Gerry Rafferty classic “Baker Street”. John Rowell, of course, was on bass throughout the band’s sets with Harry and Richard sharing lead vocals with numbers such as “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane”, “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” and “Listen to My Heart”.



A local young man by the name of Lex made his AllStyles début (and first public performance) with fab rocky versions of “Hit The Road Jack” and “Hallelujah”. It is always good to see new young musicians at the club and we hope he makes a return visit soon.

Glyn sang “Come Write Me Down”, Lynda Sang “Don’t You Believe” and Penni gave us “Mister Bojangles”. Then Tom lit up our lives with an illuminating tune on his banjo.

Tim Eastwood hooked up with Elaine Walker and roped percussionist James Christian in to briefly form the ‘Jude Lane Band’ (Jude Lane being Elaine’s stage name). And despite never having played together before, they did a wonderful job of “Crazy Love”, “Changes” and “One Trick Pony”.


Penni Neale

It’s not surprising that a touch of percussion can add a wonderful dimension to folk and acoustic music, and we often have members bringing along tambourines and maracas. And although a full drum kit would of course be far too loud in a small venue like ours, we do have a Cajón drum tucked away behind the scenes if ever it is needed.

James’ bodhrán sounded great accompanying Tim and Elaine, so it was no surprise that Tom, Dick and Harry and Co invited him up to join them for “Memphis Information” and “Mess of the Blues” in the finale spot – which we managed to fit in without adding any extra time.

Another fabulous evening with a great showcase, a total of fourteen performers plus a similar number of audience.

and… Liverpool won!  🙂