Brandon Ridley

We are very lucky at Ruthin AllStyles, in that we have a core group of regulars who turn up every two or three weeks (some every single week!) and a good number who come to perform for us once in a while. It’s what makes Singers’ Nights so interesting, with lots of variety. No two weeks are ever the same.

This week was full of “long time no see” moments as the guitar-wielding visitors began flooding through the doors.

One such person was young Brandon Ridley from Rhyl, with a new white stetson on his head and some new home-grown music in his fingers, including “Slap That Jukebox”, a song he wrote whilst away on holiday after watching somebody carry out that very procedure 🙂

Then there was Alex and Matt. Lovely to see them again, which doesn’t happen half as often as we’d like, since they emigrated south of the Horseshoe Pass. Alex opened their set with the Kacey Musgraves song “Die Fun”, and Matt sang Jace Everett’s “Bad Things”.

Terry Allen

Making his third visit to the club, was Wrexham’s Terry Allen.  A great entertainer with a wry sense of humour, the songs he writes take a sideways look at life. Tonight he sang “The Grip is Strong” and “Coming Back From the Dead”

The long-distance award this week went to the quintessentially quirky Karen White, who makes a special point of popping in to entertain us every year when she is over from Australia. Sporting a new 12-string, Karen treated us to three songs, including “Don’t Stand too Close to the Window” by Paul Kelly, and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. If you want to hear more, her CD, By Request, is available from Karen’s website.

There was one new face at the business end of the microphones this week. It belonged to Pete Kirkham, a friend of Cath Bryan, who played guitar as he sang a lovely cover of “The Rhinestone Cowboy” as a tribute to Glen Campbell who sadly passed away this week.

‘Lon Rangers’ Oli and Harri

It was a fabulous full evenings entertainment, with more variety than you could shake a stick at, from no fewer than twenty performers, and with almost double that number in the room.

It had begun with the rocky, gravelly, sounds of Clwydian Rangers Harry Owen and Oli Bradley-Hughes, and it fell to Peter Leslie to take us up to the evening’s end with three melodic and gentle ballads: His own “The Potters Wheel”, and Australian anti-drug song “The Wasteland” and then, for an encore, he sang a lovely cover of “Paul Simon’s Kathy’s Song”.

The Evening’s Roll Call

Lynda Degney
Tom Degney
Joe Lyon
Chris Birchall
Richard Davies
Brandon Ridley
Enid Toft & Neil Wilkinson
Penni Neale
Harri Owen & Oli Bradley-Hughes
Alex and Matt
Pete with Cath Bryan
Karen White (the quirky one)
Glyn Hudson
Terry Allen
Brian Peters
Peter Leslie