Deborah and Skeet

It was a much quieter night than usual with just eighteen in the room, exactly half of whom were performers, and we were all there to drink of the atmosphere.

The first round was on Deborah Jackson who was comparing the difference “Between Whiskey and You”.

Lynda Degney highlighted one of the problems that can come with too much whiskey, singing “Remember Who You Are”, whilst Tom Degney’s drinking buddy was “Catfish John”.

Chris sang about a woman on his lap drinking champaign, courtesy of Bob Dylan’s “Things Have Changed”, and Skeet Williams had us all intoxicated with his finger-picking skills, delivering his own unique arrangements to songs such as “The Entertainer”.

“Nancy Spain” and “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” were two of the beverages on Glyn Hudson ‘s menu, and Richard Ruthin decanted the “Hobo’s Lullaby” before declaring “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”.

Andy and Andy “Wet the Tea”

‘Wet the Tea’ is good old scouse phrase for ‘making a brew’ or ‘having a cuppa’.

It also happens to be the name of a Chester/Merseyside based trio who perform a mix of traditional and modern folk songs and tunes all over the Merseyside area. Tonight we were delighted to welcome two of the band, Andy and Andy, who turned up to do a floor spot. They opened their first spot with a medley of Celtic jigs and reels, including the lively “Kiss the Maid Behind The Barrel”. Performing with a variety of wind and stringed instruments, they went down really well and I am personally looking forward to hearing them again when, hopefully, the cup will runneth over with the inclusion of their bassist Richie.

It had been a lovely evening with all nine performers doing four or more songs each but now it was time for one last brew before heading home. And what better ‘going home’ song than the beautiful traditional Scottish air, “The Parting Glass”, delivered to perfection by the two Andys.  (Click [►] below to hear it)