Birthday boys, Dave Ryder and Joe Lyon

Okay, so the music bit is fairly straightforward: Thursday nights at The Feathers are always blessed with much music. It is, after all, Ruthin AllStyles Music Club’s reason raison d’être.

So what about the two birthdays?

It’s all got to do with the Birthday Paradox. Well almost. You see, statistically, If you have a room of just 23 people there’s a 50-50 chance of at least two people having the same birthday. In a room of 75, there’s a 99.9% chance of at least two people matching. Seems far-fetched doesn’t it? But it is, in fact, true; follow the link above if you don’t believe me, it’s fascinating.

Neil Martin

Now here is the caveat. Although we had twenty people in the room, messers Ryder and Lyon share the same birthday week rather than the same birthday day. But that didn’t stop us from marking the occasion in the time-honoured fashion by singing Happy Birthday and bestowing chocolates upon them.

…as a hatter!
When it comes to Cork Hats, Neil Martin not only wears them well, he sings about them too. In a song written very much in the style of Leonard Cohen, during his protracted French campervan holiday, Neil told us the tale of buying the hat, of the lady who sold it to him and… well, shall we say the parts he left out were there to read between the lines.

Penni Neale and Enid Toft

Penni was back amongst us, recovering remarkably from major surgery, with a voice sounding as sweet as ever. We kept her busy, accompanying Enid, as well as doing her own spot and ultimately returning to the stage for an encore in the finale.

Tonight’s roll call:
Alan Thompson, Lynda and Tom Degney, Neil Martin, Penni Neale, Enid Toft, Glyn Hudson, Richard Ruthin, Dave Ryder, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Pete Kirkham, and Cath Bryan.