David and Tom Petie

After a couple of quietish weeks, it was good to see the room comfortably full. Thirty music lovers in all, and the performers numbering nnnnn-na-na-na, nnnnn-na-na, Nineteen.

The new face belonged to Tom Petie, who was over this way with his dad, David, holidaying in Llangollen. It’s always good to see David who was once a regular at many of the clubs in the area before moving to pastures new at Colne, over in Lancashire, They did a set each as well as collaborating on one of the songs.

Two of the glad-to-be-back faces belonged to Richard and Wendy Eastwood, whose Thursday evenings up until the end of May are spent rehearsing with the Harmony Singers. From now until September their focus changes to Monday evenings where they perform at St. John’s Methodist Church in Llandudno (Next to M&S), raising money for local charities, which means we will see more of this talented couple at Ruthin. The Harmony Singers concerts are brilliant, by the way. Highly entertaining and well worth going to see.

Wendy and Richard Eastwood

Having just finished a stint with Ruthin Musical Theatre, Cath Bryan and Pete Kirkham were back for what will hopefully be the first of many appearances over the coming months.

Harry Robertson was back and in fine form, hooking up with his ‘Tom, Dick & Harry’ bandmates, Tom, Richard and John Bass.

Peter Leslie spoiled us by turning up two weeks on the run. Wrexham Folk Club’s summer recess means we get to hear more of his lovely home-spun songs.

Enid Toft and Penni Neale

And it was good to see Enid Toft doing a full set of her own again, accompanied by Penni Neale. We’ve missed her lovely voice since her former accompanist Neil Wilkinson passed away last year.

And then, of course, there are the stalwarts, the regulars and the semi-regulars who contribute their vast talents and give the club the wonderful character that it has. We are so lucky to have so many creative and enthusiastic members, many of whom travel from as far away as Rhos-on-Sea, Chester, Birkenhead and the North Wales coastal towns.

Here is last week’s roll call…

Pete Kirkham, Joe Lyon, Neil Martin, Lynda and Tom Degney, David Petie and his son Tom, Glyn Hudson, Cath Bryan, Tom, Dick & Harry with John Bass, Chris Birchall, Penni Neale, Enid Toft, John Williams, Peter Leslie, Richard and Wendy Eastwood.

See you all next Thursday.