Steve from Bala

Sixteen performers this week and included in this number were two new faces.

Although making his Feathers debut, Steve from Bala had actually been to Ruthin AllStyles once before, during our days at The Cross Keys. His first song, “Waterbound”, was a bluegrass number intended for the banjo, that transitioned well to the guitar in Steve’s capable hands. Next he sang the  Townes Van Zandt song “Tecumseh Valley” that was made famous by Steve Earl.


Mike Whittaker

And then from Llandudno we had Mike Whittaker who’d discovered our club three weeks ago when he came to the Merry Hell gig. Mike gave a fine performance of two of his own originals “Love is Everything it’s Cracked Up to Be” and “On the Other Side”.

Both these guys went down well and we hope to see them at the club again.

It was Robin who kicked off the evening, springing into action with Springsteen’s ‘Erie Canal’. Joe gave us John Denver’s “Starwood In Aspen” and “Too Soon to Know” by Roy Orbison. John Ryder went all Christmassy with “Blue…” and “All I want for…”. Stephen Croft Beatlized the proceedings with ‘Two Of Us’ and Mark Thatcher took us back in time with The Move’s 1968 hit “Blackberry Way”.


Enid and Neil

It’s always a pleasure to hear Enid Toft’s sweet voice to the accompaniment of Neil’s articulate guitar. They opened their set with “You Are Always There For Me” followed by everyone’s favourite Elvis song “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”.

Bob Neale became Woody Guthrie with “The Dust Bowl”, then back to being Bob – but this time of the Dylan variety – with “North Country Blues”.

Glyn sang “All of God’s Creatures” and then “Donna Donna” (which I am assured has nothing to do with kebabs!). Penny sang a virtual weather forecast with “Dirty Rain” and “Misty”. Then, in unison, we all sang “Happy Birthday”, with this week’s target being the hard working (for the club at least 😉 ) Jayne Birchall.

Lynda’s songs were “Waiting for the Times to Get Better” and “Don’t you Believe” and after she vacated the stage, Tom stayed behind to Play “A Waltz for Lynda” that he had penned specially for his musical and life partner,

Heading toward the close of the evening, Raphael performed one of his own compositions, jam packed with the sort of humour and the sort of retrospective lyrics that we of a certain age can identify with and laugh at: “Never See Those Times Again” had some wonderful lines such as: “I Could Have Been a Centrefold” and ‘when I was growing up – now I’m just growing old”.

For the evening finale, Harry Robertson took centre stage and was joined by John Bass, Raphael and Tom – effectively four-fifths of the Tom, Dick and Harry band – to perform Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways”, Elton John’s “Shilo”,   before finally sending us home with New Order’s “Blue Monday” ringing in our ears.  It was a bright end to a damp Thursday.

See you all next week folks for the Christmas Buffet Singers’ Night.


Tom, Harry. John Bass and Raphael