Ian Wooley, Richard Davies and Tom Degney

The function room at The Feathers was host to another great night of music, with eleven musicians performing solo and in various impromptu collaborations.

Penni and Tom

It was Ian Wooley who got the evening off to a start, later joining Tom Degney and Richard Ruthin, prompting a touch a déjà vu as I introduced them as the Tom, Dick and Ian band.

Tom, of course, performed with his good lady, Lynda, as well as Joining Penni Neale on his trusty dobro. And Penni, in turn, followed up by accompanying Enid Toft both on her guitar and with some lovely backing harmonies.

Catrin Francis

It was nice to welcome Catrin Francis back to the club. She said she wasn’t going to sing tonight – but we were having none of that – and she provided us with some lovely Acappella songs.

Glyn Hudson, Joe Lyon and that Birchall bloke were all flying solo.

Having just eleven acts meant we all had a second spot after the mid-evening break to entertain the two dozen audience in the room.

Robin Spreckley

Finale Time
Then it was down to the irrepressible Robin Spreckley to take us up to the close with some of his home-grown songs, that are very much a window on the world and its present political climate.

Next Thursday, the 5th of December, is another Singers’ Night.

I have a feeling it might be a busy one, so arrive early to get your name down for a floor spot.