Penni Neale

Penni Neale opened up the evening’s entertainment by falling into a “Burning Ring of Fire”, Johnny Cash style, before having “One More Cup of Coffee for the Road”.

Jim Cole took us north of the border with a touch of the Gay Gordons on his fiddle.

The songs of Roy Orbison figured large in Joe Lyon’s set. First “Blue Bayou”, with some very nifty crafty key changes, followed by “Too Soon to Know”.

I got myself psyched-up for next week’s sell-out Merry Hell concert by singing one of my favourites from their back catalogue, “Drunken Serenade in the Rain”.

Geoff Hollis

Next was Geoff Hollis with Phil Millichip’s “If I Had a Son, and “She Wears Black Clothes” by Robin Laing.

Glyn Hudson was next with a Remembrance Week poem “In Flanders Field” by John McCray”, and followed up with “Only Remembered”, the words of which were written by Horatius Bonar of Edinburgh. The song, of course, being widely used now in remembrance to those who fell in the Great War.

Tom and Lynda Degney became our very own Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, with a rendition of “All The Road-running”.

Steve Bailey

Then Tom solo’d on “Ages and Ages Ago”, before being joined on stage by Dick and Harry (Richard Davies and Harry Robertson). Richard did “Sea of Heartbreak” and “To Love Somebody”. Then Harry stepped up to the mic with “A Sporting Life”, and treated us to one of his latest compositions, the beautiful “Til I Danced With You”

A first-time visitor (at least to the business end of the microphones) was Steve Bailey, who is usually found fronting the band ’93rd Minute’. His band mates were not available tonight so Steve delivered some excellent a-cappella numbers, including “Oak and Ash and Thorn”.

For the finale spot, Robin the Busker was joined by a banjo-wielding Tom Degney, ending the set with “The Belle of Belfast City”, and as an encore, they belted out the Dubliners’ “All For Me Grog” to send us home with feet a-tapping.

The next Singers’ Night will be the 23rd of November as this Thursday coming we have the fabulous Merry Hell in Concert.
It is tickets only, so there will be no “on the door” admission I’m afraid. We are up to the legal maximum for the room.

“Belle of Belfast City – Robin the Busker”.