Geoff Hollis

Sixteen minstrels made their way down to the tavern that is The Feathers last Thursday, together with a dozen or so followers.

Ale was drawn, tea was poured and soon after 8.00pm, the merriment began with a rousing set from Sir Richard of Ruthin accompanied by Lord Degney of Deganwy.

In fact, Tom was led on a merry dance throughout the evening’s festivities, having no sooner sat down from accompanying one performer before being called upon to accompany the next. Luckily his instruments had a chance to cool down as he used his guitar, mandolin and Jumping Flea (his ukulele) in strict rotation.

Cath Bryan

It was a varied and thoroughly enjoyable evening with everything from a-cappella folk songs from Glyn Hudson and Geoff Hollis to Gershwin from Jeff Jones. There were rebel-rousing busking favourites from Robin, Bluegrass favourites from Linda, Beatles from Joe Lyon and some dark and dusky Cohen courtesy of Neil Martin.

The Kirkham and Bryan partnership offered a contrast of styles with Pete also delivering some powerful ‘dark and dusky’ stuff, whilst Cath took us in the opposite direction with her sweet songbird voice.

Peter Leslie treated us to songs that admirably demonstrated his song-writing skills and even included a home-grown protest song.

Alan Thompson and Tom Degney

One of our most recent ‘regulars’ Alan Thompson, called upon one of most long-standing regulars, Tom Degney, for his mandolin skills on a traditional song about the Blue Ridge Mountains and a somewhat less traditional Grateful Dead song “Friend of the Devil”.

Peter Leslie

Then before we knew it, finale time had arrived. Wendy and Richard had each performed their sets, Wendy giving a first airing to her version of the lovely Kacey Musgraves song, “Rainbow”, and Richard honouring Don Williams with “It’s Who You Love”.

For the finale, we brought them both to the stage for that lovely duet “Sunshine on Leith” by the Proclaimers.

Role Call:  Robin the Busker, Jeff Jones, Peter Leslie, Pete Kirkham, Lynda Degney, Tom Degney, Joe Lyon, Cath Bryan, Richard Eastwood, Richard Ruthin, Glyn Hudson, Chris Birchall, Geoff Hollis, Neil Martin, Alan Thompson, Wendy Eastwood.