Okay, we’d be no match for the All Blacks, playing with their odd shaped balls, but Ruthin All Styles turned out enough players of odd shaped instruments on Thursday to form a rugby team all of our own!


Chris Miller on Bugle

Yes, fifteen performers in all. Some were English and some were Welsh – so there was plenty of banter and leg-pulling about the current state of play in the Rugby World Cup.

In the end it was all about the music and as well as a ruck of regulars, it was good to see a couple of new faces.  The first was young Chris Miller from down Cyffylliog way. Chris had come along with member Tim Eastwood who also lent him some moral (and instrumental) support for his first performance at the club. Chris was immediately taken into the hearts of the audience as he played  When the Saints come Marching In, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and  Happy Birthday on the bugle.


Tim Eastwood

It’s not often we get to hear wind instruments on club nights but Tim followed up with a lively number on his border pipes, before treating us to a touch of baroque on his folk guitar with a bit of classical by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The other new face this week belonged to Ron from Wrexham. Ron turned up unarmed, intending just to listen, but we managed to persuade him to do a song in the second half, ‘a cappella’.

It was a lively comic ditty that went down really well, so we really hope he keeps to his promise to pay a return visit.


Geoff Hollis

Next up was not so much a “new” face, but one we haven’t seen much of lately as he’s spent the Summer hopping from festival to folk festival. Geoff Hollis announced his welcome return with fine set that included The Grey Funnel Line by Cyril Tawney.

Lynda insisted she is No Stranger to the Rain (although we know different 🙂 ) before telling us about All the Gold in California.


John & Ros Ryder

John and Ros went all soppy on us with a set of love songs to herald their forthcoming 46th wedding anniversary. They also sang a rather lovely version of Jeff Lynn’s yet to be released and much awaited new single When I Was a Boy I Had a Dream.

There were fine performances too from Joe, Glyn, Chris, and from Tom, Dick & Harry.

Last week we mentioned that Robin Wynne Jones had almost reached £3,000 busking for Cancer Research, which prompted a generous donation from one of our audience to nudge him even closer toward that target.  Well this week we are proud to announce that following a busking session at last weekend’s Denbigh Plum Festival, Rockin’ Robin has now rocked right past the £3k mark.

So in rugby parlance, following a scrum last week he scored a try and this week made the conversion!

Penni Neal sweetly sang two lovely ballads: Don McLean’s Vincent and Your Song by Elton John. And then for the evening finale switched to a timely rousing rendition of Max Boyce’s Hymn’s and Arias followed by a roof-raising Ogi Ogi Ogi, Oi Oi Oi! with the enthusiastic participation of everybody in the room.

I wonder if we’ll have any Australians in next week?  That could be interesting!

See you then.


Tom, Dick and Harry