Flossie Malavialle and Paul Donnelly

Seeing as the government have opened up the “Air Bridges” we decided it was time to create our own Ayre Bridge from Ruthin AllStyles to take in the la musique, Parisian style, and the result was Oh là là.

And who better to add the stamp of authenticity than the lovely Flossie Malavielle. Her rendition of Édith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose” sent chills down our spines and planted us firmly in France.

Rosa and Mike

Then, from closer to home, Abergele’s French Quarter, Rosa and Mike sealed the deal with “La Saison des Pluies” and “Et Demain Que Feras-tu De Ta Vie”.

As always, Rosa’s lovely, authentic continental singing voice was complimented perfectly by Mike’s meticulous guitar style.

Other than to elicit contributions from Flossie, and Rosa and Mike, we had decided not to announce the French theme in advance due to it being very much a last-minute idea. In hindsight, maybe we should have, because a couple of our regulars have since said they would have mustered up something with a French flavour.

Phil Chisnall

Quite by coincidence, Howard Moysen’s “Kimiad”  slotted in perfectly.

Once again our regulars came up trumps with songs from a wide range of genre befitting of our club’s AllStyles epithet.

In addition, it was one of those nights (which often used to happen during our time at The Feathers) when several of our occasional visitors turn up out of the blue to enrich our evening’s entertainment. This week we were delighted to welcome back Phil Chisnall, John Williams, Gary Edward Jones, Frank Hives and Anthony John Clarke.

John Williams

And for the finale spot, Paul Donnelly accompanied Flossie Malavielle to take our breath away with their lovely rendition of the beautiful Martyn Joseph song, “Can’t Breath”.

See you all next Thursday for another cool evening of cool music.

PS: Don’t forget to record ar song with a festival flavour for our August 6th show.

Posted by Chris Birchall on Thursday, 9 July 2020