Performing at the Club


Although we operate an “open mic” format, our live music nights are a far cry from the rowdy pub style of “Plug and Play”.

In the best traditions of a folk and acoustic club, our audiences come to sit and enjoy the entertainment in the function room away from hustle and bustle of the public bar. Mobile phones are set to “silent” and trips to the bar and toilet are made between songs.

Floor Singers
Acoustics at the venue are good and our audiences are respectful and appreciative. It is perfectly possible to perform “unplugged”, with microphones serving to reinforce the sound at a comfortable volume throughout the length of the room, ensuring the performance is enjoyed by everyone, including those at the back.

We have three SM58 vocal microphones, two instrument mics and D.I. boxes, if required, for electro-acoustic guitars. There is a foldback monitor and, thanks to a generous donation from John Rowell, we also have a back-line bass amplifier, should it be needed.

So just bring your instrument and vocal chords! Music stands are provided.

If you wish to bring percussion in the form of cajón, bodhrán, tambourines etc, that’s absolutely fine – but no drum kits, I’m afraid.

We welcome all abilities and most styles of ‘acoustic’ music. Just so long as it is live, we have neither the facility nor appetite for Karaoke style backing tracks.

mixing-desk_CroppedTurn up early for a floor spot

We endeavour to give all-comers a spot but priority will be given to those who turn up before the music starts at 8.00pm.

The running order for the first half will normally have been finalised by 8.20pm

On a regular Singers’ Night, performers arriving before 8.20pm can expect to do two songs in the first half plus another one (sometimes two) in the second.

On really busy nights there might only be time for one spot each and this is invariably the case when we have a Guest Showcase featuring a professional performer. On such occasions, priority for floor spots is given to our seasoned regulars who are encouraged to perform their best and well rehearsed songs, especially when non members may have purchased tickets specifically to see the main guest.

And on the Subject of Showcase Spots…
These take place approximately once a month on a Singers Night, in the form of a six song/ thirty minute set during the second half of the evening.

These might feature a visitor from another club or sometimes a professional performer as a precursor to a possible paid guest booking.  If you quite fancy the opportunity to showcase half a dozen or so of your favourite songs before an appreciative audience, just send us an email or enquire during a club night.

140320-2460Concerts by Booked Guest Artists
From time to time, and when funds allow, we do like to showcase a professional musician.  This is often on the recommendation of a member who has seen them perform elsewhere, or an artist who went down really well doing a floor spot on a Singer’s Night.

Professionally booked artists normally do a 45 minute set commencing around 8.45pm, following an opening round of floor spots.

After the “beer break” is another round of floor spots, with the guest’s second set starting around 10.30pm.

Although we aim to finish around 11.00pm on singers’ nights, for concert nights the timings are flexible, leaving ample opportunity for an encore or two! We recommend you arrive around 6.30pm (or earlier by prior arrangement) to set up and sound check.

Doors open to the public at 7.30 and the music starts at 8.00 with floor spots from a selection of our regulars.

Hosting Nights
Once a month or so, one of our regular members will host a singers’ night, opening the evening with their own spot before introducing each of the floor singers in turn.

After the break, the host will open the second half and at the end of the evening perform and additional couple of numbers in the finale spot.  Jokes, yarns and good humour is obligatory.

If you would like to host an evening, just let Chris or Jayne know so we can schedule you in.


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