Robin the Busker

It is well documented that when Lynda sings about rain, it damn well rains.

And sure enough, no sooner had Lynda and Tom Degney finished singing “A Walk in the Irish Rain” during the intro, our virtual camping trip succumbed to a virtual deluge.

Not that the evening was a wash-out, of course, in fact, far from it, we had many fine and wonderful songs from no fewer than forty-four musicians (plus half a dozen more in the Overflow Show).

Camping and the wet stuff featured in quite a few of the songs though. Robin Spreckley sang about rivers running high and Robin the Busker found a canal to busk alongside.

Anthony John Clarke and Julia sang “I Hate/Love Camping”, Vicky and Rob sang about “Purple Rain”, Cath Bryan found the “Rainbow Connection” and I asked, on behalf of John Fogerty of course, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.

Steve Jukes-Hughes’ song was about sitting in the camp-fire light with “The Ghost of Old Tom Joad”, whilst Stephen Croft was lured (against social-distancing guidelines) “Into Temptation” when confronted by a Crowded House.

Harry Robertson just went ahead and booked himself into the “Hotel California”, something that Facebook didn’t take too lightly because no sooner had Harry finished his song, we were slapped with a copyright infringement notice informing us that 36 seconds of the video was being muted in Canada and the USA. I can only think that Harry’s magnificent guitar intro was so faithful to the original, Facebook’s algorithm decided that it was, in fact, the Eagles original we were playing!

Despite Mr Zuckerburg’s social platform pissing on our parade, we went on to enjoy yet another fab evening of music and mirth which included a lovely Emmylou Harris number by Sarah Lou and Jimmy Rae, plus the premiere of a brand new song by Alan and Linda Thompson, “Lay Those Cards Down”.

The culmination of the evening saw Skeet and Deborah, aka Jackson Williams, singing two beautiful songs off their just-released album  “Venus and the Crescent Moon”. A super finale to a great night.

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