Cath Bryan

There was no trace of gunpowder, no treason (unless you count the odd Boris quip) but we did plot to make our music night go with a bang.

Following a day of incessant rain, our music night could have turned into a damp squib but our regulars were having none of that, with a dozen musicians turning up to brighten the night sky, plus a goodly number of audience making for a comfortably full room at The Feathers Inn.

We lit the blue touch paper at 8.00pm sharp with Catherine Wheel Bryan sending us into a spin, after which there was an impressive display from the likes of Richard (the rocket) Davies, and roman candles Pete Kirkham, Geoff Durno and Mike Whittaker.

Enid Toft and Penni Neale lit up the sky with some lovely harmonies and Robin (the sparkler) Spreckley almost set his mandolin on fire delivering some meaningful tunes.

There followed, a fountain of melody from Joe Lyon and some fine fortissimo from fire-crackers Tom and Lynda.

Well, I think I’ve run out of puns, so I’ll stop banging on now.

Yours truly.
Bonfire Birchall

Next week – the main guy will be non-other than Phil Bates.
But please note that this concert is now sold out and we do, I’m afraid, have to keep to the maximum numbers allowed in the room. So if you didn’t grab a ticket when you had the chance, we’ll see you at the next Singers’ Night which is November 21st.