Peter Leslie

We may not have had any Keats, nor even any spoken poetry at all for that matter, but we did herald the coming of Autumn with some wonderful music.

There was the usual broad range of covers from folk and country greats such as Dylan, Cash, Kristofferson and Jerry Jeff Walker – all poets in their own right.

Of course, we are lucky to have some exceptionally talented local songwriters amongst our regulars.

Peter Leslie opened both halves of the evening with songs he wrote on his favourite beaches in Create, “Gazing out to Sea” and “Sea of Clouds”.

Richard Eastwood

Alan Thompson gave us a song he co-wrote called “Julie”, Robin Spreckley delivered a home-grown protest song called “Taken for a Ride” that reflects the current political situation, and Neil Martin gave a first public airing to one of his own beautiful and heart-rending songs “Lies”.

Together with band members Tom and Richard, Harry Robertson got feet a-tapping with his upbeat “High High High” and then in contrast, the lovely melodic waltz-time song, “When I Danced With You” for the finale spot.

We had a couple of novelty moments too.

Peter Lesley fitted a capo on the fifth fret and proceeded to play a tune ‘Boris style’, fretting the strings above the capo position. In contrast to the Westminster buffoon, however, Peter was using a partial capo that allowed three of the strings to remain open and the effect was quite stunning as his fingers ran effortlessly up on down the fretboard.

Penni Neale

Having that afternoon had injections in her hands, Penni Neale didn’t want to overdo things, so for one of her songs, she sang “From a Distance”, a cappella, accompanying herself only on the bodhran which she played with remarkable effect using a hairbrush as a beater!

Tonight’s line-up: Dave Ryder, Lynda and Tom Degney, Jules Pellatt, Richard and Wendy Eastwood, Alan Thompson and Linda, Robin Spreckley, Robin the Busker, Chris Birchall, Peter Leslie, Joe Lyon, Penni Neale, Enid Toft, Neil Martin, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Tom, Dick & Harry

Click on the ► below to hear Neil Martin’s lovely cover of Mr Bojangles