Robin the Busker with Tom Degney

What a great turn-out for our second music night of 2019. Despite the bitter chill outside, no fewer than twenty-one performers played to a room of almost double that number.

There were three making their Ruthin AllStyles debut, namely Deborah Jackson, Mark Holdsworth, and young Helen who duetted with the mandolin-wielding Robin Spreckley. And it was good to see last week’s two ‘new faces’ Victor Pennington and Rachael Stanley returning – maybe to become regulars, who knows?

Mark Holdsworth

Mark, of course, is no stranger to the club although this was his first time at the business end of our microphones.

He is known to many as the man responsible for the Narrowboat Sessions, where musicians board his floating studio to perform songs that are videoed for broadcast via his website and Facebook Group, some of which make their way onto an annual double CD that is sold to raise funds for cancer charities.

Deborah Jackson

He was in good company tonight, with three other canal faring musicians in our midst, namely Neil Martin, Deborah Jackson and Robin the Busker who kicked-off both halves of the evening in typical rousing Robin style.

And there was music aplenty throughout the evening from our merry band of regulars, taking us up to a rather late finish this week with a finale spot by our old friend Canada Phil who, I am pleased to say, we have seen more of this year due to an extended visit to his homeland of North Wales.

Roll Call
Geoff Durno, Bob Neale, Glyn Hudson, Victor Pennington , Joe Lyon, Bob Hall, Robin Spreckley and Helen, Steve Bailey, Jim Cole, Alan Thompson, Robin the Busker, Neil Martin, Deborah Jackson, Chris Birchall, Rachael Stanley, Mark Holdsworth, Lynda and Tom Degney, Richard Ruthin and Canada Phil.