Jane and John Bass

Geoff Hollis

It was another busy night at the club – not least for John Bass and Tom Degney.

Both, of course, feature in the Tom, Dick and Harry band but John also appeared in his duo mode with Jane for some lovely ‘wind and bass’ numbers and Tom was alongside Lynda for her set. But also they were both as obliging, as always, when asked to accompany several other performers on the night.

Geoff Hollis made a welcome return, following a summer of festival-going, and it was lovely to hear Enid singing again with Penni providing the accompaniment.

It was a full evening with a fine mix of styles and genre from the fifteen performers and the Tom, Dick and Harry band who gave us a grand send-off at the end of the evening with a rousing version of the Travelling Wilburys classic, “End Of The Line”.

Tonight’s Roll-Call: Lynda and Tom Degney, Chris Birchall, Glyn Hudson, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Jane and John Bass, Robin Spreckley, Neil Martin, Geoff Hollis, Joe Lyon, Enid Toft, Penni Neale, Tom, Dick & Harry with John Bass.