Pete Kirkham

Yes, the performers totalled an even dozen, with an equal number of men and ladies and, with almost double that number in the room, it made for a terrific atmosphere.

It also meant that, unlike many of the busier nights we’ve been having recently, everybody had two spots each, providing an eclectic mix of three dozen songs, with Wendy’s encore in the finale ramping it up to thirty-seven.

And although it wasn’t planned, it turns out that everyone who performed, except Birchy himself, fell victim to the Hairy Photographer’s lens.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Richard announced that he and Tom were going to do “Baker Street” and apologised for the lack of a saxophone player.  Quick as a flash, Lynda jumps onto the stage to perform the saxophone solo on her kazoo.

Tonight’s Roll Call…
Chris Birchall, Lizzy Pegler, Alistair Irving, Pete Kirkham, Cath Bryan, Glyn Hudson, Lynda and Tom Degney, Richard Ruthin, Penni Neale, and Richard and Wendy Eastwood

October 10th – An evening with Anthony John Clarke

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