The Amazing Clouds

After briefly invading Ruthin during the afternoon, Storm Hannah fizzled out like a damp squib and was no match for the enthusiasm of the ten musicians plus fifteen audience members gathered in the function room at The Feathers.

As the storm passed, we did see some Amazing Clouds – in the form of Pete, Di and Dom, who perform under that very name. The trio opened both halves of the evening in their usual lively fashion and gave us a grand ‘going home’ song at the end..

Tome (Fender) Degney

Richard Ruthin and the Degneys provided a wholesome helping of Americana, Joe Lyon doffed his cap to Ray Davies, whilst Bob Hall and Chris embraced Beatlemania.

Hardly a week goes by without Tom Degney turning up with a new instrument, many of which are banjos that he has built himself.  This week he produced the latest to emerge from his workshop, in the form of a solid bodied electric guitar (in Manchester United colours) which sounded just great.

John Williams

That wizard of The Wirral, John Williams, is a staunch supporter of our club, oft making the journey to attend our Singers’ Nights, just as he did tonight armed with his trusty tenor guitar.

John gave us a little taste of what we can expect next Thursday when we present “An Evening with John Williams and Phil Chisnall”. It will be a fabulous evening of original material and popular covers, performed by John and Phil individually and together, and no doubt with a fair degree of camaraderie and banter too.

The music will start at 7.30pm (doors at 7.00pm). Do come early to get your name down for a floor spot.