Tom, Dick and Harry with Enid Toft.

Not that anybody was singing the Billy Idol or Chuck Berry songs with Sweet Sixteen in their titles, nor were any of this week’s musicians even close to that age. But there were sixteen performers and the sounds were sweet.

Bill Malkin

First Time Back
Amongst them were a few we were seeing for the first time this year: Glyn Hudson gave us some a Cappella sing-alongs; we had some tasty self-penned numbers from Bill Malkin and you’d go a long way to hear sweeter harmonies than those generated by brother and sister duo Linda and Alan Thompson.

It was good to hear Enid Toft singing again too. With her usual accompanist, Penni, currently laid-up, Enid leaned on the Tom, Dick and Harry trio as her backing band.

It was a lovely night of sweet music and the task of bringing it to a close fell to the aforementioned band, who sent us home with a great version of the Willburies song “End of the Line” still ringing in our ears.

This week’s roll call: Lynda and Tom Degney, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Glyn Hudson, Alan Thompson and Linda, Brian Peters, Pete Kirkham, Cath Bryan, Bill Malkin, Dave Ryder, Tom, Dick & Harry, and Enid Toft.

Next Week: Sarah Lou and Jimmy Rae, aka Tennessee Waltz, will be entertaining us with two 45 minute spots. At the time of writing, there were just ten non-members tickets left on WeGotTickets. Members can get their usual concession and there will be limited floor spots, so, by all means, bring your instruments.