Pete Kirkham and Cath Bryan

I have an app called List-Maker on the tablet we used for club nights. It’s a handy way of entering the names of the performers, ordering them into a running list and ticking off each one once they’ve performed.

If someone’s name is in the app, it doesn’t need entering again as they can just be slid up the list into the current week’s lineup.

Tom Goodall

There are currently 136 names on that app, all of whom have performed at the club at some point since we ‘went digital’ almost three years ago.

I’ve often joked about having nightmares in which all 136 of them turn up to do a floor spot on the same night.

Over the years, numbers have varied from a comfortable dozen to a manageable sixteen, only occasionally edging up to the twenty mark with its consequential late finish. In the last month, however, the performer numbers have been sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty and twenty-eight.

This week there were twenty-three. Not that anyone is complaining, of course. In fact, week after week we get nothing but positive comments at the end of the evening from audience and performers alike as well as in the comments on social media. Despite only getting one floor-spot each when it is as busy as this, it is rewarding to be part of such a fabulous evenings entertainment.


A Prompt Start.
On a practical level, I do think we need to ensure the music starts at 8.00pm on the dot and not dilly-dally in between slots. Everyone can help by making sure their instruments are tuned ready and to that end, I will ensure that you are all pre-warned about the running order.

We will always strive to give everybody a spot but whenever the numbers look like taking us past the 11.00pm finish (the venue’s music licence requirements), we may have to limit some of the late-arrivals to one song.

New faces this week were Keels, who came over from the Wirral to sing for us, Dave Ryder from Prestatyn and Catrin who is one of Skeet’s guitar pupils.  She didn’t play tonight but instead treated us to her lovely singing voice, accompanied by the maestro himself.

This week’s roll call: Jim Cole, Jules Pellatt, Ron Stevenson, Lynda and Tom Degney, Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Mark Thatcher, Lewis Riley, Deborah Jackson, and Catrin with Skeet Williams, Keels, Tom Goodall, Neil Martin, Dave Ryder, Pete Kirkham, Cath Bryan, Peter Leslie, Wendy and Richard Eastwood, Harri Owen and Paul Riley.