Robin the Busker with Tom Degney and Mark Thatcher

Just a short write-up this week. Suffice to say it was another great night of music with twenty-three musicians and almost forty in the room.

We were delighted to welcome a new face, as Rhys Davies made his AllStyles debut. Coming from Bala, you would have expected Rhys to win the ‘long-distance’ award (or at least share it with Tom & Lynda). He was trumped, however, by John Williams of Birkenhead, who in turn was trumped by Karen White, who had travelled some 9,500 miles to sing for us.

Rhys Davies

Karen, the Quintessential Quirk (take a look at her website), spends a few weeks visiting family in the U.K. every year and always makes a point of joining our music nights. Tonight she treated us to the songs of Kirsty MacColl.

It was good to see our ‘Mr Blues’, Brian Peters, again and also Mr ‘Give Prostrate the Finger’, Hugh Rolands, who’s songs carry a health warning to raise cancer awareness.

Robin ‘the busker’ Wynne Jones was back in our midst after a summer on the rolling seas (well okay, the calm canals).

Everywhere he moors his narrowboat, Robin makes a point of doing a busking session to raise money for charity. Most recently, the Cropredy Folk Festival was his point of focus, boosting his contribution to Cancer Research to over £12,000

Tonight’s Roll Call: Chris Birchall, Hugh Rolands, Lynda and Tom Degney, Richard Eastwood, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Glyn Hudson, Luis Riley, Mark Thatcher, Rhys Davies, Dave Ryder, Neil Martin, Robin the Busker, Richard Ruthin, Vicky Riley, Alan Thompson and Linda, Karen White (the quirky one), Joe Lyon, John Williams, Penni Neale, Enid Toft, and Brian Peters