They came. They braved the bad weather  –  and they raised Merry Hell!
It was folk rock at its very best.  This Lancashire based band made a welcome return visit last night to the Ruthin AllStyles Music Club and as always, they went down a storm.
Comprising the three Wigan born Kettle Brothers: John, Andrew and Bob (guitar, vocals and Mandolin, respectively) plus John’s wife Virginia who alternates on lead vocals with Andrew.  The band’s repertoire consists entirely of their own material.  Their up-beat, uplifting music and their catchy lyrics have you singing along before the song is half through.  And by the time you been to two or three of their gigs, you find yourself knowing almost all the words.
Their songs are rocky and full of fun and humour yet, in true folk tradition, each has an evocative tale to tell. Many carry a strong underlying message; almost protest songs – but without the gloom.
Merry Hell are currently touring the Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales folk/music club circuit as a four-piece and larger venues as a seven piece, adding keyboard, bass and drums into the mix.
The band’s second album ‘Head Full of Magic, Shoes Full of Rain’ is due to be released any time now.  Meanwhile, you can download a sample track for free on their website: