John Williams

Luckily our music nights take place on a Thursday, not a Friday. Not that I’m superstitious, touch wood, because it was too wet to go hunting for a four-leaf clover. And anyway, I might have lost my rabbit’s foot scrabbling about in the dark.

What a fine music night it turned out to be, with luck having nothing to do with it.

Amongst the musical baker’s dozen was a ruck of regulars, some welcome returnees, a couple of new faces and a clutch of impromptu collaborations.

The wizard of the Wirral, John Williams is always a welcome sight when he can make it to our club, busy as he is with festivals and guest appearances all over the show. It was he who got the evening off to a fine start with a couple of songs with his four-string tenor guitar. Later in the evening, John swapped this for his trusty cello mandolin and recruited Tom Degney for some banjo accompaniment.

Lizzy Pegler

As usual, Tom was in demand, accompanying Lynda and collaborating with Robin Spreckley as well as taking his place in the Tom, Dick and Harry band. During all of which he was seen brandishing guitar, mandolin, banjo and dobro.

Lizzy Pegler was back, for the first time this year as was Chester musician Will Riding. Both treated us to some of their fine own home-grown songs.

Two new faces graced the stage. The first was Bill Melis who hails from Porthmadog, followed by Denbigh guitarist Stewart Jones.

All in all, it was another great music night at The Feathers.

The night’s roll call: John Williams, Robin Spreckley, Lynda and Tom Degney, Bill Melis, Lizzy Pegler, Chris Birchall, Will Riding, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Stewart Jones, Joe Lyon, Tom, Dick & Harry.

Richard Ruthin, Robin Spreckley and Tom Degney