Gary Edward Jones in New York’s Time Square

So how cool was that…? Having Gary Edward Jones join us for our Singers’ Night – all the way from Times Square in New York!

As many of you will know, Gary is touring his fantastic “Something About Simon” show as part of the “Fringe Encore” in New York this week following the show’s successful month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This Thursday, he took a break from an afternoon of sightseeing (which included merry-making with Minny Mouse and Spiderman) to phone us during our mid-evening break at The Feathers, when we were able to chat with him over the PA system. This delighted our audience and was an extra treat for the week’s birthday boy John Parry and birthday girl Jayne Birchall.

Wow. Isn’t technology wonderful. I can still remember the days when my Mum and Dad would have to book an expensive five-minute trans-Atlantic telephone call months in advance. Now it can be done at the drop of a hat whilst walking arm in arm with a Disney character 3,298 miles across the ocean.

Sell-out Shows
The intrepid Scouser turned Ruthinite has been playing to sell-out audiences all week which, it seems, have included some VIPs of the music world. I can’t say too much at this stage but it does sound as though these performances at the New York Soho Playhouse could well be just the start of Gary’s ‘American Tune’.

Revival’s Pete Kirkham and Dave Moore

As for the ‘Ruthin Tunes’, these were aplenty with songs from a pair of Robins, from Richard Ruthin and his out-of-town friends, from half of Chester’s boy band Revival, from the ever-present Degney Duo and from songbirds Neale and Toft.

Plus, of course, many solo performances from the likes of Joe Lyon, Chris Birchall, Cath Bryan, and from Steve Juckes-Hughes, who played us out at the end of what was a super evening.

This Thursday is our Christmas Knees-up – a Singers’ Night with a bun fight.

The club is laying on a surfeit of sarnies and a mountain of mince pies but if you feel you’d like to contribute something to the buffet table, do bring along a small offering of nibbles – but nothing that requires cooking. 🧁

Bring your instruments and maybe a Christmas song or two. Fancy Dress/Silly Hats optional.

Please note the earlier start of 7.30pm.