It’s been such a busy week here, with a lot going on in Hairy Photographer land. It’s almost Thursday again, and I’ve hardly had time to pick up my guitar, let alone put metaphoric pen to electronic paper and write about last week’s Singers’ Night.

Is this how retirement is supposed to work!

As a result, this week’s blog is going to be a little light on the wordage, which is a shame, because it really was such a good evening.

It was Friday the 13th’s eve and we saw a dozen performers taking to the stage, providing a wonderful variety of musical delights.

Robin Wynne Jones, got the evening underway, and was joined by Enid Toft on one of his songs.

Joe Lyon, Richard Davies, Glyn Hudson and Yours Truly followed.

We heard from the Degneys, Tom and Lynda, and from the Neales, Bob and Penni.

Brian Peters was in fine form delivering some excellent bluesy numbers, and the finale spot featured Wrexham’s Terry Allen, with his wonderful gravelly voice and equally wonderful harmonica and guitar skills.

And guess what… We’re going to do it all again this Thursday.  See you there.