No, I’m not blowing hot and cold. Although, the function room heater was doing just that, due to something quirky amiss with its settings. One minute it was freezing Lynda before thawing her out and roasting her on Gas Mark Nine!

Luckily, it was sorted out by the time she had won the bottle raffle in the mid-evening break, otherwise we’d have been serving up ‘Lucky Lynda au Vin’ – with Tom Sauce of course. 😉

Tom Degney had been one of the first on stage as part of the Tom, Dick and Harry band, providing multi-instrumental accompaniment for Harry Robertson and Richard Davies for their opening set. And because we like to work him hard, Tom remained to then accompany Lynda, before returning to his seat for a well-earned rest.

Next up was Bob Hall, delivering some Del Shannon courtesy of his electric keyboard, followed by Glyn Hudson, whose newly discovered guitar playing skills are coming on nicely since becoming a student of Skeet Williams.

Penni Neale wowed us once again with some beautiful ballads, and (Everton) Joe Lyon rose above the leg-pulling about his team’s defeat in last week’s Merseyside Derby, to deliver some fine examples of Mersey Sound.

That Birchall got up and did songs by That Dylan, before That Peter Lesley stepped up to the mic to remind us why we are so grateful that his club in Wrexham only meet on alternate Thursdays.

Having done the Soundcheck Session at the beginning of the evening, Harry opened up the second half with “Till I Danced With You”. It is one of sixteen beautiful songs that Harry has written and recorded under the umbrella title of “Songs from Wales”. They are all on YouTube here  and well worth a listen.

After a song and a lovely self-composed instrumental from Mark Thatcher, it was the turn of Fuchsia Jones, a young singer who is really beginning to make a mark for herself on the local music scene. You can click here to listen to “Rambling Man” on a video recorded on the night by her proud mum.

Andrew Bowsher has been coming to the club for a couple of months now and seems to bring a new instrument with him on each visit. This time it was an interesting looking (and sounding) four-stringed dulcimer guitar.

Robin the Busker roped in Tom Degney on his Dobro, and Mark Thatcher on bass, for a lively penultimate set of the evening.

Before we knew it, finale time had arrived. And, accompanied by his Clwydian Rangers bassist band-mate Olli Bradley-Hughes, young Harri Owen belted out some Stereophonics, before being joined by the whole room, rocking their mama with the Dylan/Secor folk rock classic “Wagon Wheel”.

And so sixteen minstrels, and an audience that almost doubled that number, ventured homeward into the chill of the night.