It was Thursday so we jumped into our Model T Ford and headed out in search of the Ruthin AllStyles Music Club.

However, things are not always as black and white as they seem but we met a lot of mighty fine musicians along the way, starting with John Helm who was “Stuck in the Middle” with Pete Hodgeson and Pete Hodgeson.

Pete also lent his video mixing skills to the Eastwood sisters, featuring Wendy, Wendy and Wendy who harmonised beautifully on “After the Gold Rush”.

Along the way, we bumped into Robin busking at the “Red Rose Cafe”, just down the road from “Hotel California” where Vicki Riley was singing.

Around the next corner, we came across Howard Moysen playing the “Five String Serenade” on a six-string guitar.

The night featured thirty-seven fabulous songs from no fewer than forty-nine talented musicians.

And having each performed their individual songs, Tom, Dick and Harry got together with John Bass and Raphael Callaghan, in the finale spot, for a pre-lockdown rendition of “Dimming of the Day”. I reckon that brought a lump to many a throat amongst the 100 plus who tuned-in and rekindled yearning for the time we’ll be able to gather again, in person, to enjoy each others music, company and comradeship.

For those of you who like statistics: At the time of writing (Monday night) this week’s video stream has been viewed 948 times.

Week 12 – "Another Fine Mess…"

Week 12 – Another Fine Music Night you've all gotten us in to"

Posted by Chris Birchall on Thursday, 4 June 2020