We were joined once again by Henry Priestman from his garden shed.

False Flag
If you were watching the live stream last Thursday evening you’ll know that it disappeared after ten or fifteen minutes, due to Facebook’s content algorithm falsely flagging up the background music to our “5-minute-countdown” intro as a copyright infringement.

The fact is, we had acquired that intro video from a YouTube channel that offers copyright-free videos and music that can be used without restriction. So either they inadvertently used someone else’s copyrighted music, or maybe Facebook’s algorithm was having a bad hair day.

Robin Spreckley

The Show Must Go On
Either way, it was a damn nuisance, but we managed to quickly reset everything and get our show back up and running after four or five minutes.

Unfortunately, Facebook also temporarily blocked us from embedding our videos so anyone watching here on the website would have missed the rest of the show.

The Jabberwocky Band

Luckily, I was able to download both portions of the show, including the blocked bit, and stitch them back together (minus the disputed intro) for you to view in its entirety.

Click the video below to view
We hope you enjoy it, along with the many fine songs and excellent performances.