Tom Degney

Because the weather couldn’t decide whether or not the summer had been and gone, we headed north, to the edge of the Arctic Circle, for our theme this week.

And with upwards of eighty revellers packed in at any given time, there was a warm welcome in the igloo, along with a guarantee of lots of cool music.

As we sat there on our frozen assets, the music came from all over the world …and beyond. Barry Welsh sang about South Australia, Lynda Degney sang under the Carolina Star, Carol Roberts sang from Across the Great Divide, Bob Neil had got the North Country Blues, Jenny Harris-White declared, The World Has Gone to Pot but Penni Neale assured us it was, in fact, a Wonderful World.

Bob Neale

Looking at those song titles, you’d be excused for thinking “South Australia” gets the Farthest-Place-From-Ruthin award, but you’d be wrong. “Armstrong” is a song about the first man to land on the Moon, back on July 20th, 1969, Geoff Durno sang it, so he takes that particular prize.

The club’s crooner extraordinaire, Bob Hall sang an excellent “There but for Fortune”. Unfortunately, Bob was watching from a hospital bed this week. We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is back home soon.

Linda Griffiths

We are well used to seeing Linda Griffiths providing those lovely harmonies, duetting with her brother Alan. Tonight she was flying solo and lovely it was too.

It was good to see John Williams again, and Anthony John Clarke. Then there was the Mighty Jabberwocky, and All Strung Up who played The Mighty Quinn.

All in all, yet another great virtual music night as we wait patiently for the day we can all get back together again.

Week 18 – Baby it's Cold Outside

Week 18 – Baby it's Cold Outside

Posted by Chris Birchall on Thursday, 16 July 2020