Wendy Eastwood with “The Band” (from left) Tom Degne, Harry Robertson, John Rowell and Richard Davies

What a fantastic turn-out we had for Wendy’s Showcase! It was by far the busiest night of the year audience wise. And in terms of performers, Thursday night at The Feathers had more variety than a Sunday Night at the Palladium!

For in addition to the Showcase, there were thirteen support acts featuring no fewer than twenty performers!

Wendy put on a stunning performance. You could tell she had selected her best loved songs and put together a carefully considered set list that flowed seamlessly, with each song complimenting the next.  There was just the right amount of banter between each number, engaging and entertaining.

Wendy and Richard

Wendy and Richard

She had the audience eating out of her hands. Was this really the same lady I recall stepping nervously up to the mic at the Rhyl Acoustic Club three or four years ago to announce she’d never really performed in public before?!

To open her set, Wendy enlisted the help of “The Band”, in the form of Tom, Dick and Harry plus John Bass, for three rousing numbers before going solo for the beautiful and touching James Blunt number, Carry You Home. Then it was Love Has No Pride by Bonnie Raitt followed by a lovely Edwina Hayes song and the amusing Donnalou Stevens ditty Older Ladies.

Next, her other half Richard joined Wendy on stage to sing Ring of Fire as she multi-tasked on guitar and kazoo.

Finally, as The Band were reassembling and sorting themselves out for the final number of Wendy’s showcase, she stepped to one side and cleverly maintained continuity with an acoustic song on her ukulele.


Chris ‘n Alan

The Support acts

To open the second half of the evening, we welcomed visitors Chris ‘n Alan who had found our club whilst holidaying in North Wales. This talented couple from Kent treated us to two beautiful songs sung by Alan with his unique nine-string guitar to the accompaniment of the beautifully haunting sound of Chris’s Bass Recorder.

Check out their SoundCloud channel for more of their music



We also heard from Joe, Chris, Lynda, Penni and Glyn. There was a helping of country blues from Harry and from Richard. Tim went all electric on us this week providing an instrumental interlude accompanied by John on bass.

There were two Peters. Peter Stevens’ set included Goodbye, Adieu, Farewell, and Peter Leslie lulled us melodically with songs from Richard Thompson and James Taylor.

Making his first appearance since we moved to our new venue, Robin from Melin y Wig sang two of his own songs with mandolin and vocal accompaniment from family members Henry and Helen.

Phil Townson

Phil Townson

Another two self penned songs followed from Phil Townson, At the End of the Day and The Ballad of Sue and Jango,  performed on his sweet sounding Greek bouzouki.

By any standards it was an exceptional evening of music with so much local talent assembled in one room.

But the night belonged to Wendy who returned to the stage with Tom, Richard, Harry and John Bass for a finale spot that concluded with some fine yodeling to send us all home happy.

See you next week folks for a Singers’ Night acoustic singaround.