Neil Martin

Blimey, time goes fast when you’re having fun. Just now it seemed like last Thursday was yesterday and here I am, writing this just one hour before next Thursday.

I’ve been so busy with boring stuff like trying to get a straight answer from my insurance company after a minor prang in the car, I keep tripping over myself coming back in the opposite direction.

Thank goodness for music and by the same token, for Thursdays too. So as much as it sounds as if I’m complaining, I’m not really. Running the club, with my lovely wife Jayne, is something I really look forward to. We are so lucky having such friendly people, both musicians and audience, who support and contribute to, the local live music scene.

This week, we were delighted to welcome Neil Martin back from his Motorhome Adventure in Northern France, going wherever the Mistral Winds blew him.  He came back with ten new songs, four of which we were privileged to be amongst the first to witness.

Alan Thompson and Linda Griffiths

We heard a new song too, from Linda Griffiths and Alan Thompson. Touching words written by Linda following her recent visit to Auschwitz, set to a fabulous score by Alan.

The rest of us did covers. There were some mighty fine ones too, including “The Wild Rose” by our very own Kylie and Nick Cave coupling, Cath Byan and Pete Kirkham.

Robin the Busker busked, Lynda, Tom and Richard dished out a helping or two of Americana, I did Neil Young’s “Old Man” and Joe Lyon gave us a lion’s share of Mersey sounds.

Having kicked off both halves of the evening, we dragged Neil Martin back on stage for the finale to give us a much needed Cohen ‘fix’, to which we all said (and sang) “Hallelujah”.