Chiri meets Bob, Glyn and Penni

Chiri meets Bob, Glyn and Penni

As all our folkie folk were arriving this week,  I overheard someone mention Offenbach.

Oh, I thought to myself, I know we are an “all styles” music club, but we are yet to hear any opera being sung. In fact the nearest we’ve ever got to anything classical was a cover of Classical Gas By whom, I’ve long since forgotten.

As it turns out, the reference was not about the 1850s composer Jacques Offenbach, it was to do with Cath Bryan’s escort for the evening, little Chiri.

And no she didn’t. Often bark, that is. 🙂


Cath Bryan


The charming little rescue doggie did accompany Cath onto the stage at one point, looking very pleased with herself, but happily she refrained from joining in as Cath sang Dylan’s “Man in the Long Black Coat” and Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough”.

Anyway we have now claimed Chiri to replace our previous mascot, Robin the Busker.

The lovable auld sea dog responded to his enforced abdication by barking out “Copperhead Road” and “House of the Rising Sun”.


Mark and Stephen

Faces New and Old
One face we’ve not seen for several months is that belonging to Stephen Croft. It was good to see him back as he took us beatling down to “Penny Lane” with Mark Thatcher riding shotgun on bass guitar. Then Mark took up his acoustic and sang “Goodbye Blackberry Way” – with Stephen riding shotgun.

Geoff Durno

Geoff Durno

Another face from even further back was Geoff Durno, who proceeded to take us way way back in time with that great sing-along, “My Old Man Said Follow The Van”.

The last time Geoff was at the club, he recalls that we were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Glyn Hudson, as indeed we did this week! Please don’t leave it another year Geoff, we do enjoy your music.

We were blessed with more than our usual share of regulars too. No fewer than eighteen performers in all, provided a fabulous evenings entertainment.

Will Riding

Will Riding

And in the finale spot… a brand new face. Chester musician Will Riding had popped along to see what our club was all about, said nice things about us, and promised to return. Well we certainly hope he does, for it turns out he’s a talented songwriter and a fine guitarist.

Will sang three of his own compositions, finishing the evening off with a lovely, touching, song called “Favourite Shoes”.

This evening’s roll call:
John and Ros Ryder, Tom and Lynda Degney, Bob and Penni Neale, Glyn Hudson, Richard Davies, John Bass, Stephen Croft, Mark Thatcher, Chris Birchall, Joe Lyon, Cath Bryan, Rocking Robin, the two Geoffs, Durno and Hollis, and Will Riding.

Next week:
Ruthin AllStyles’ 20th Anniversary Celebrations! It’s a 7.30pm start. Come early to secure a floor spot.