John Bass

It will take more than a yellow snow warning to stop a merry band of minstrels from enjoying themselves down at The Feathers.

Fourteen turned up to perform, plus the same number again who came to enjoy the entertainment.

Tom, Dick & Harry were joined by John Bass to get things moving at the “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness”. Then Chris, Glyn Hudson and Bob Hall respectively honoured Neil Young, Willy Nelson and Gerry Marsden.

The Kinks were on Joe Lyon’s mind as he painted us a “Waterloo Sunset”.

She might have been nursing a sore thumb but you wouldn’t know it, listening Penni Neale’s stunning performance of “Autumn Leaves”.

“It’s all right now” sang Lynda Degney in Rick Nelson’s “Garden Party”, accompanied by her husband Tom, who went on to sing about Darcy Farrow in his solo spot.

Dave Noakes

With backing vocals from his wife Penni, Bob Neale put his money on Kenny Rogers’s “The Gambler”.

“The Punch and Judy Man” was the opening song from Ruthin AllStyles first-timer Dave Noakes. He was obviously looking forward to the summer following up, as he did, with the Chris Foster song about the swallows “Flying High, Flying Free”.

Another antidote to the cold snap came as Neil Martin harked back to the 1990s and warmed our hearts with a song he had written on a sun-kissed beach in Tobago, followed by Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”.

Alan Thompson aired another song from Ryan Adams’ back catalogue and then enlisted the help of his sister to provide some beautiful backing vocals on one of his own compositions “Take Me To the Place”.

Harry Robertson

Then to finish the evening it was back to Tom Dick and Harry who took us on “The Walk Of Life” with Richard on lead vocals.

And for an encore, they give us Harry Robertson’s lovely ballad “When I Danced With You”.