Steve Juckes-Hughes

We started nice and early just in case it was another busy night …and it was!

In the end, nineteen performers played to a room that was ‘comfortably full’ with an audience of thirty-four. Everyone had a seat and room to breathe.

There was even more room to breathe after Ninja Jayne ejected a drunk who had wandered through from the bar and insisted upon gyrating to the music, talking loudly and generally spoiling people’s enjoyment.

Having seen the Ninja in action I don’t think anybody will ever again dare to talk during the performances. Now you know why I am so well behaved! 🙂

Wendy Eastwood

Haha… to be fair, in the main our audiences are very respectful, reserving their conversations for in between the songs, which is one of the things that makes performing at the club such a pleasure.

It was Richard Eastwood who got the evening underway and he returned later for a couple of duets with Wendy to open the second half.

As well as the ‘usual suspects’ we had four new faces. Local musician Steve Jukes-Hughes made his AllStyles debut, as did Paul Riley, his wife Vicky and their 13-year-old son Lewis. All turned in cracking performances and we certainly hope to see them again soon.

Skeet Williams and Glyn Hudson

Our long-distance award winner, Ian Hanchet returned again this week for one more excellent floor spot before jetting back to Montreal. we trust he and his lovely wife Sharon enjoyed their stay in North Wales and hope they will come an see us next time they visit.

We managed to fit everybody in, overrunning by only eleven minutes this week, with a finale spot by Alan Thompson and his sister Linda that was well worth waiting for.

Once again it was a special evening. Let’s do it all again next week 🙂

The Riley Musical Family Album

Tonight’s roll of honour…
Robin Spreckley, Mark Thatcher, Mike Hastings, Chris Birchall, Wendy and Richard Eastwood, Glyn Hudson, Paul, Vicky, and Lewis Riley, Peter Leslie, Jeff Jones, Ian Hanchet, Steve Juckes-Hughes, Skeet Williams, Deborah Jackson, Joe Lyon, Alan Thompson and Linda Griffiths.