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  1. Neil Martin
    13 August 2018 @ 8:51 am

    Hi Chris,

    It’s Neil Martin here. I want to alert you to an artist called Phoebe Reece who is just starting to play in clubs…I’ve seen her three times at Chester as a floor singer and last night they gave her a ‘big spot’ which brought the house down. I haven’t seen a talent as exciting and electrifying for quite a few years, she plays violin, viola and guitar superbly, singing with a vibrant voice. Her material tends towards the traditional and Scottish with a lively youthful feel to it. She lives in Wrexham with her parents and I think she must be about 20 years old. She hasn’t had time to record anything yet because she is just starting, but I believe she will achieve whatever level of success she wants…..and last night at Chester we all agreed we were present at the birth of a star. I have no professional connection, I’m just a member of the audience but I want to do help give her the start her talent deserves and so I urge you to give a ‘big spot’ as soon as possible. I feel very confident that the members of Ruthin All Styles will be delighted and excited by her music and her personality. If you are interested, I can ask her to call you.

    See you in a couple of weeks.