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  1. ron
    3 February 2019 @ 10:31 pm

    Hi Chris and Jayne, Sorry we missed it again, sounds like we missed a good night. Here’s some interesting news for us MERRY HELL fans, I was setting up Val’s new phone, putting on some apps she wanted, (Tibetan Mantras, Buddhist Chants, the usual things.) and thought I would put Shazam on as well, We’ve been listening to Virgin Anthems on the radio, and I had been using mine to place some songs I couldn’t remember, (no crappy DJs to tell you what’s on, just music), Showed her how to use it, The Police were in, Message in a Bottle, up it comes, nice 80s picture of Sting and co. with the name and title, about 5 seconds. Thought I would try it with something it wouldn’t Know, latest Merry Hell CD was on top (whose heard of Merry Hell on a worldwide sound stage like Shazam covers.) Anthems to the Wind.
    I put the first Track on, Drunken Serenade , the very first song I ever heard them play! but it doesn’t even sound like Drunken Serenade anymore, its all acoustic and Fiddely. Five seconds later…Drunken Serenade featuring The Banshee Reel. Merry Hell. (I didn’t know it featured any Banshee Reel.
    They are going Big. I hope you can get them back. (so not a word to Damian!) Best done soon?
    Then Looked for my Tom Dick and Harry CD to try that but couldn’t find it, (don’t tell Linda, she’ll want to sell me another!)
    Regards Ron and Val,

    PS. Struggling to get past your requirement to have a URL before I can send??? but really good site and article.